85’ Catamaran Mainsail Completed and Tested

Just received a feedback from very satisfied customer of 85′ Offshore Cruising Catamaran ‘Azizam’ for whom we have build a new 193 m2 Mainsail made out of Contender DWX Laminate. Part of the project was a careful engineering work between our Rolly Tasker team, saildesign software partner SMAR Azure and Contender Sailcloth to analyse and consider the loads which are much higher than a Monohull Mainsail due to huge righting moment. The photo shows extra Twin-Ply reinforcement sections to spread the loads from reef clew and tack into the sail body, next to a full Twin-Ply leech.

Tests have been successful completed during Atlantic Crossing in strong wind conditions with squalls of 40 Knots of wind and 23 Knots boat speed. The Mainsail has performed very well while the existing Genoa broke. The new Rolly Tasker Genoa is now completed and in the plane to Caribbean!!

Well done of our Rolly Tasker Production Team, plus the great cooperation with our partners Contender Sailcloth and SMAR Azure!!

Azizam Mainsail