The largest purpose built sailloft in the world


We selected Phuket Thailand for our export sailloft because of its key central location for the marine business in the South East Asia region, its skilled labour force, the ever growing arrival of visiting yachts from all over the world and the excellent infrastructure and services on the island. There are daily flights from Phuket International Airport to worldwide destinations and a dozen flights, each day, to Bangkok and vice versa. Exporting sails to over 60 countries from the Thailand sailloft could not be simpler.

We operate the largest purpose built, state of the art, sailloft in the world. It is our third sailloft in Phuket and the 12th since the company was formed in 1949. This wholly owned facility is equipped with the best and latest technologies such as plotter from Carlson, US and 3D modeling software from Smart Azure, Scotland. The facility houses one of the largest sail cloth inventories of any sailloft in the world. At the moment only the dacron inventory is more than 73,000 meters, in addition there is a huge stock of spinnaker nylon and laminates.  The sailcloth is imported from the leading sailcloth suppliers such as Challenge and Contender Sailcloth. Over 95% of what is installed on a sail, from luff slides via batten receptacles up to headboards, is produced in-house to keep the quality level up.

The sailloft operates Toshiba Electric Plastic Injection Moulding Machines to produce slugs, slides, headboards, etc. Herzog rope making machines for bolt ropes and luff tapes, as well as for halyards and sheeting rope and on the rear ground floor there is a 2000m2, mast and rigging division. With the public coffee shop, the large and extensively stocked chandlery, the sailloft has become a one stop shop for all the sailors’ needs, but sail making has remained the hard core of the business.

Visitors to the sailloft are welcomed with open arms: which is why the first time you enter, you will be greeted by our receptionist and if you wish to take refreshment before asking to be shown round there is a wide range of drinks available at the centrally featured coffee bar. We like our visitors to be able to enjoy the experience of watching sails being made, in a truly warm and friendly atmosphere.

You can get an impression of our loft by seeing our virtual tour below (Flash is required). Learn more about our sails and ask for an quotation from the sailloft or your local agent!