The right Sailcloth is one important key to produce quality sails!

Sailors are unique individuals, whose love of the sport leads them to many places over the course of a long time of boat ownership. One sailor may choose to race on Sundays, and another may choose to sail around the world. These different types of sailors choose different types of boats, and sailmakers much choose different types of sailcloth to meet the unique needs of each one. It is just as important to choose between the right range of sailcloth for the cruiser as it is for the most advanced racer.

While we keep concentrating on production of high-grade sail constructions we purchase our sailcloth from the leading sailcloth suppliers. Challenge Sailcloth specializes on woven dacron, and has a broad range of fabrics that are great for the cruising sailor. A broad range of unique fibers, weights and woven constructions are produced each year to meet the diverse needs of those sailing in high winds on weekends, to those sailing between the islands of the Caribbean. Weaves are optimized for the square sail of a tall ship and high load of a sloop alike. A sailor may choose Warp-Drive for a tri-radial sail, or High Mass Fiber Weaves for a long distance crosscut. The possibilities for a sailor are limitless, and the cloth must meet the Challenge.


Rolly Tasker Sails stocks a wide range of woven Challenge sailcloth and choose the right cloth construction for your requirements. Combined with our cutting edge 3D saildesign, high-grade sail construction standards and excellent handcraft we are able to supply quality sails to our individual clients around the globe.