Sailors were ecologically friendly long before the world started to comprehend the meaning of ‘green’.


We understood this and this is why, when we built our new sail loft, we invested so heavily in the construction materials, the economic air conditioning system and the arrangement of the work place. It was vital to us to have a superb working environment with first rate facilities for the staff and have an ever open door for our walk in customers, who can enjoy a snack and a coffee whilst taking in the atmosphere and see sails being made. The customer is part of our family. There is an extremely high morale in the loft which can be felt the moment you walk in the door: very few days of employee sickness or absenteeism, partly because they work in a minimum waste free environment, which generates clean and healthy conditions, assisted by a closely controlled state of the art temperature and humidity air conditioning system.

To keep carbon deposits down to a minimum we produce most of the items used in the loft, such as batten receptacles, slugs and slides, even down to making the luff, leech and foot tapes, plus the sheet and halyard ropes. The most recent addition to the spars section is a plasma cutting machine, which produces parts for masts and rigging in seconds, where before it took hours by hand. Making it easy, cost effective, clean and healthy is for ever in our minds.