Code Zero

Hot Campaign for Cruising Code Zeros and Heavy Spinnaker

The summer is getting close in Europe & US and Rolly Tasker Sails is glad to launch in time a campaign for Cruising Code Zeros and Heavy / Storm Spinnakers made out of Bainbridge Spinnaker cloth which comes in white color and 110 gram (2.5 oz) to 150 gram (3.5 oz) per square meter.

The developments of Code Zeros started in the 90th for racing boats, and are on those days an important part of the racing wardrobe. Code Zeros fill in particular for newer generation boats with non overlapping headsails the gab between genoas and spinnakers and are an excellent engine for cruising boats in lower wind conditions for around 50 to 100% wind angle, depending on the wind strength. While a Racing Code Zero is measured as a spinnaker with a mid-girth of more than 75% of the foot we build Cruising Code Zeros for better all-round conditions and easier handling with a mid girth of around 55% and an LP of 165% ore more. The heavy spinnaker cloth is an ideal application for Cruising Code Zeros because of good handling and highly competitive pricing.

Code Zeros can be equipped with an anti-twist rope in luff to be used with a furling system, or Dyneema rope to be handled as a spinnaker without furling system. For more performance orientated club racers we can produce the Code Zero out of a racing laminate that is less stretching, but both more sensitive in handling and price.

If you are interested into substantial better performance and more fun in light winds feel free to ask for an enquiry.