How to obtain a quotation

To obtain a quotation the easy way, please fill in our Online Enquiry form with the relevant information for your sail.

The following information is needed:

All Sails
We need the I, J, P and E of your boat: better still the luff, leech and foot measurements of the sail(s).

Do you want a standard (short leech battens) or fully battened mainsail?
How many reefs?

Do you require a hanks on or a roller furling headsail?
If you are ordering a roller furling headsail we always quote you on UV cover and luff foam separately so you can see how the total price is made up.

Do you require a symmetrical (leech and luff the same and used for downwind sailing) or an asymmetrical spinnaker (multi purpose)?

Alternatively you can contact your local distributor for an individual discussion

How to order a sail

Now we will need more precise information.

Do you have slugs (round), slides (internal/external) or bolt rope on the luff and foot with dimensions or widths?
Is the sail loose footed: no sail hardware information is needed for the foot?

If you are ordering a roller furling headsail we need the diameter of the luff-rope

Which colours do you want. The quotation includes up to and including 3 colours.

Measuring Forms (coming soon)
You can download the measuring forms from our website, complete and send to us. You will see when reading these forms that the questions asked are more comprehensive than those above. We wish to make it simple for you to order.

– Download measuring form for Mainsail (coming soon)
– Download measuring form for Full Batten Mainsail (coming soon)
– Download measuring form for Furling Mainsail (coming soon)
– Download measuring form for Headsail (coming soon)
– Download measuring form for Spinnaker (coming soon)

Are you confused or do you have any more questions to ask? If so, please contact us and ask the questions you feel haven’t been answered in your particular case, or give any special instructions you feel haven’t been covered during the quoting, ordering or measurement form process.