Rolly Taskers Coastal cruising sails are our mid range specification, popular for smaller yachts wanting the best price to quality ratio.

Rolly Tasker Coastal Sails are designed for recreational cruisers and club racers who look for a combination of durability and performance for boats up to 36ft. The sails are built in crosscut design in a strong construction finish with use of High Modulus dacron fabrics to ensure durability and shape holding.

Our standard specification includes:

– Individual sail design
– High Modulus dacron crosscut
– Seams two rows with UV stabilised thread
– Pressed rings with webbing
– Heavy radial patches
– Strong batten pockets
– Leech tapes with double row stitching
– Mainsails feature a nylon glass reinforced headboard
– Luff hardware shackled on
– Leech line with clam cleat
– One draft stripe for visual reference of sail shape
– Full rows of tell-tales
– Large sail bag and sail tie

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