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The Rolly Tasker Performance line is designed for performance orientated sailors who want to participate in racing as well as cruising. 

For both the offshore cruisers and racers who are looking for the best compromise between durability and performance and are a step up from dacron cross cut sails. For optimum performance and durability they are strongly constructed using Tri-radial cut. You can choose to make them in radial cut dacron or cruising laminate.

Our standard specification includes:

– Individual sail design
– Premium Dacron Challenge Newport ProRadial or
   Cruising Laminate Contender CDX
– Seams triple stitch with UV stabilised thread
– Stainless steel rings reinforced with webbing
– Radial patches
– Strong batten pockets with velcro lock or tie in type
– Mainsails are constructed with alloy headboards
– Webbed on luff hardware
– Low stretch leech line with clam cleat
– Two draft stripes for visual reference of sail shape
– Full rows of tell-tales
– XL sail bag and sail tie or long bags as option

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