Rolly Tasker Sails has an extensive experience in producing radial panelled racing sails because of their market leadership up to the 90er years when string sails were introduced.

Racing SailsRadial panel constructed sails still provide an unmatched combination of quality, durability and performance. We still concentrate on this type of Racing Sails.

Our experienced sail designers use a 3-D sail design software of the latest generation and design the sails on the basis of the moulds which were developed over decades and have shown enormous success on worldwide races such as the Fastnet or Sydney Hobart Race. To assure a high quality standard we stock a huge inventory of racing laminates such as Aramid or Carbon Fiber from leading US or European cloth manufacturers.

The excellent construction and handcraft finish of our sailmakers is shown in each Rolly Tasker Racing Sail making them much more durable than competitive string sails.