RTS Performance Tape Carbon Sails

Rolly Tasker Sails launches new Performance Tape Carbon Range

We are glad to introduce Performance Tape Carbon Sails as our new product range for performance orientated cruisers, club racers or day racers, who are looking for a light and low stretching sail construction.

RTS Performance Tape Carbon Sails2The construction is based on a grey color 4.8 oz film-taffeta polyester laminate made by Dimension Polyant US that is crosscut sewn and following carbon tapes are laid out in load directions. You might have seen this type of construction from other international known sailmakers. We have developed in cooperation with our design software producer SMART Azure exclusively for Rolly Tasker Sails an optimized design layout by using their SA-Evolution technology. With SA-Evolution we have evaluated the flying sail-shape and stress intensity and directions for the specific tape layouts, for different sails in given sailing conditions. Based on the results, we have evaluated modifications to the tape layout to maximize the performance. The patches for Performance Tape Carbon Sails are shaped in load directions. You can order as option a double taffeta stripe at the leech for mainsails, and for headsails at leech and foot. This protects the carbon tapes if flapping to the backstay, mast or sea rail and improves the durability of the construction.

The campaign is limited to 39’ foot boats and / or max 45 m2 sail area at first step. We consider to expand the product range at later step.

We are convinced our high quality design and construction with Dimension Polyant as supplier for base laminates and tapes, and competitive pricing will be a great addition to the Portfolio of Rolly Tasker Sails.