Rolly Tasker Sails is one of the market leading sailmakers for offshore cruising sails built to the highest level of durability and performance. We are proud to receive regular customer feedback that proves this position. Below you can find some feedback for our High Performance Racing sails.

SailSelect Netherland
The racing team of SailSelect has won a second 100 Mile race in the Netherlands. It was a spectacular race with all types of weather varying from heavy winds to almost no wind. 50 Miles were downwind courses and the new Rolly Tasker spinnaker made an important difference. Thanks to the new spinnaker, Team SailSelect was able to keep up with larger ships in the higher ORC rankings. More proof of a successful partnership with RTS.

Waarschip 740
Sven Cornelius and his crew won in North-Germany the first leg of Weser-Jade-Race in their rating group and overall.
The Rolly Tasker film-film laminate sails performed excellent by up- and downwind courses in 30 knots of wind.

Rolly Tasker Sails is also your partner for challenging projects outside the sailing world. A nice example is the completion of skins we have produced for hovercraft wings. The AirFish 3 is a 2-seater that is meant for the leisure market. The hovercraft, which is under the ownership of Singapore based company Wigetworks Pte Ltd, is designed with a reverse delta wing WIG craft with a trimaran hull design. It has a composite fuselage and alloy ribs covered by canvas for the wings, vertical and horizontal stabilizers. It is driven by a motorcycle engine driving a ducted propeller that is mounted on top of the fuselage.
You can find more information about the interesting project at