Rolly Tasker Sails has continuously reviewed and developed the saildesign and production processes by producing more than 2.2 million sails to an optimum of accuracy and efficiency.

Our Sails are designed and constructed in our state of the art sailloft in Phuket, Thailand. Each Rolly Tasker Sail is designed by our experienced saildesigner individually as per customer’s specification with cutting edge 3D-modelling sail design software. Our extensive database and accurate specification guidelines for sail shape and panel layout are integrated into the design process. The designed sail construction will be controlled virtually in 3D view before the computational accuracy and optimum performed panels will be plotted to a millimetre onto high grade sailcloth from the worlds leading cloth manufacturers. Afterwards the sail will be assembled and finished following our precise manufacturing and quality management system processes.

The result of combining decades of experience in developing and testing our sail moulds in offshore races, application of state of the art computer software and manufacturing machines, use of high quality sailcloth, in house produced fittings and excellent handcraft work of our highly skilled sailmakers ensure that a Rolly Tasker Sail is built to the highest level of durability and performance.

In the following video you can get a short impression of visually controlling our designed sails in 3D view.