Ready-Made Storm Sails

Rolly Tasker ready-made storm jibs and trysails are designed and made for extreme conditions. Heavy duty reliability at reasonable costs made possible by pre-fabricating to standard sizes with options available in colour and set. All our storm sails are made to our high-end Premium Offshore specification.

A Must-Have for Offshore and Ocean Sailing

These sails must be on board any yacht venturing offshore and onto the oceans. When ocean racing they must also comply with the racing rules. Most organizing bodies of ocean races specify bright orange storm sails. These sails are obviously seldom used but when, they must be 200% reliable and easy to set.


The Rolly Tasker Sails storm trysail is made of top end heavy US Dacron in white with a bright orange patch on each side, or completely in bright orange for best conspicuity. It is made in strong cross-cut design with special corner reinforcing and stainless-steel cringles. Finishing is hand-made with leather detailing.

Setting the Trysail

The storm trysail is set either in the standard mast groove or, sometimes, on a dedicated mast track next to it. Alternatively, the mainsail halyard can be fixed to the gooseneck. Following the trysail can be attached with hanks to the halyard and hoisted with the boom topping lift. More traditionally, the trysail can also be hoisted on parrel beads around the mast in which case the sail will not be supplied with luff slides, but with eyelets on which these beads can be fastened.

Storm Jib

The Rolly Tasker Sails storm jibs are also designed in the robust cross cut and made of top-quality Dacron. A super strong quality is guaranteed by extra strong corner reinforcements, hand-finishing and quality detailing with leather and stainless-steel rings. The storm jibs can either be delivered in full orange or in white with orange patches. The luff can either be provided with a luff tape, stainless-steel snap hanks or swedish brass piston hanks.

Setting the Storm Jib

The storm jib will normally be hoisted on a dedicated inner stay or on the forestay inside the profile luff slide. On a dedicated stay, the storm jib will be hanked-on while on the genoa furling profile, the storm jib will slide inside the groove just like the genoa or other standard foresails. Alternatively, the storm jib can also be set over the furled foresail – see below.

Gale Sail

This storm jib is specially designed for very easy use over the furled-up foresail. This eliminates the task of lowering, removing and stowing the furling headsail prior to hoisting the storm jib inside the luff groove. Instead, the gale sail has a wide Dacron sleeve that just slides over the furled foresail. The sail slides up and down very easy because Dacron slides over itself so smoothly. The sail can be hoisted on the spinnaker or a spare headsail halyard.

The gale sail has a perfect aerodynamic shape and luff due to the sleeve over the furled foresail. This also makes it an ideal alternative to a partially furled (reefed) headsail which, when furled to less than half of the original size in strong winds, does not have an ideal shape anymore.

The gale sail is made of the same high-quality Dacron and to the same high specification as the standard storm jib.

Choosing your Storm Sails

All our storm sails come in many different sizes to suit most yachts from 16 to 55’ boat lengths. You can easily choose the correct size for your boat in the following tables.

Other Useful Products

We can also supply your sail numbers for your trysail should this be required by racing rules. It is also recommended that all storm sails have their dedicated sheets always attached also when stowed away. Further to this we also supply turning blocks and other deck gear related to these sails.

The Ready-Made Storm Sails at a glance

  • High level Offshore construction

  • Ready to sail

  • Best quality to price ratio

  • Fast world-wide delivery

  • Sizes to fit boats from 16 to 55’

Our standard specification includes:

  • Top end Premium US Dacron

  • Strong cross-cut construction

  • Stainless steel cringles

  • Large corner reinforcing

  • UV stabilized thread throughout

  • Super strong finish with hand worked leather detailing