Why do you choose Rolly Tasker Sails? What are the real, tangible differences between the products of various sailmakers? Here are four very good reasons to love Rolly Tasker Sails.


Rolly Tasker Sailloft - Sailmaker

On answering how they first heard about us, most answer: “by recommendation of other sailors” and “word of mouth”, or by “answers found in various, active sailing forums”. Take Greta and Michael (When Sailing), who have recently sailed their boat from the Med to the Caribbean with a new suit of Rolly Tasker sails: “We first got aware of Rolly Tasker Sails through various sailing groups at Facebook discussing sail setups and rigging related topics, mostly word of mouth of other owners already happy with Rolly Tasker Sails.” Quite a similar experience is told by James (Sailing Triteia): “When I decided it was time to get a new set of sails for Triteia I posted the question to my Instagram page “Looking for sailmaker recommendations, who do y’all suggest?”

A number of people messaged me and suggested I check out Rolly Tasker.” And then? “I went online and was impressed with the photos of the sail loft and the large team of sailmakers and when I saw Erik Aanderaa of “No Bullshit Just Sailing” using Rolly Tasker Sails I needed no further convincing that this was a sailmaker to trust!”

Erik, in turn, had also done his research before: “I was looking for cruising sails for my Contessa and I found people speaking well about Rolly Tasker Sails online in sailing forums.” Which is not so different from the experiences of fellow YouTube stars and world cruisers, Amy and Matt (Sailing Yacht Florence): “We were recommended to try Rolly Tasker Sails by some of our YouTube channel followers who sent us messages when we announced in a video that we were looking for a replacement mainsail in Asia after our old sail suffered from severe UV degradation and fell apart.”


Sebastian, of Rolly Tasker Sails Germany, reports that many of his customers are genuinely and very pleasantly surprised that sails for this price are made with such obvious care and attention to high quality detailing. Which is an experience that many others share, including Erik of NBJS: “The price is affordable for most sailors, the quality of sails was much better than expected, and I never had any issues with any sail so far.”

Erik Aanderaa Sailing

James comments on the quality of his new sails: “When I slid the mainsail out of the sail bag on the dock I was totally impressed with the quality. The clew is incredibly well built, a feature I was predictably interested in as the clew on my old mainsail blew out halfway between Los Angeles and Oahu. The stitching on the sail is clean and tight, the reefing rings are seriously strong and the mainsail track slides I supplied were hand stitched on with webbing and will surely hold up for years to come.”

Attention To High Quality Detailing

Amy and Matt comment on the quality: “Our sails have to work hard out cruising across oceans. We need to cover the whole wind range with as few sails as possible and we work them hard by sailing thousands of miles under the tropical sun. The sails are holding up very well after the two years we have had them.”


Bluewater cruisers Amy and Matt certainly like the performance of their sails. Bearing in mind that especially Matt, as a former dinghy racing champion, loves to sail as best – and fast – as possible. “The surprise was the performance of the new asymmetric spinnaker to replace our old stretched out one. We can hold the new asymmetric on a much wider range of angles and it gives us a real performance boost, thousands of miles later it is still holding its shape very well.” And: “The sails are excellent, the mainsail particularly is a work of art and has a beautiful shape, so much better than the old one!”

Wonderful Asymmetrical For Matt

Photo by SY Florence

Colin Stone wrote: “Forgot to let you know how the Code O went. It’s fantastic. I had it out the other weekend in about 7 to 9 knots sailing at about 60 degrees and, while not even trying, we were doing around 6.5 knots. We were sailing along with a 11.6 Sea Wind cat and our Bavaria 33 cruiser with the Code O left him for dead. He wasn’t happy but we were! Great investment!” Ross Turner of Hanse Yachts in Australia has a similar theme: “Very pleased to report that the Cruising Code Zero you supplied for our Hanse 458 is superb – it adds a stunning turn of pace to the boat so we’ll be highly recommending this to our future owners!”

“The sails are going great. The fully battened main is brilliant, especially single handed in a breeze….”, says Peter McCorquodale. Bill Babbington comments on his new Rolly Tasker Sails mainsail: “The sail looks beautiful and performed great both reefed and hauled all the way out. The cut is perfect and the workmanship on the sail looks superb.”


Amy Enjoys Her Sailing

Photo by SY Florence

“In the complicated world that we live in at the moment, with global supply chain shortages, I was amazed at how quickly Rolly Tasker Sails got my sails made and delivered to me, once I sent them everything they needed from me to make the sails. Great communication from the team and quick responses to emails”, says James. Erik had his new sails delivered to Norway, just as smoothly: “No problems, sails have arrived more or less on the date. All parcels firmly packed, securely, not a scratch on anything after arrival.”

Amy and Matt, on the other hand, sailed to Phuket which was more or less on their planned route. This gave them the added bonus of a personal tour of the Rolly Tasker Sail-loft. “It was a very smooth process to order and pick up the new sails. In fact, the sails were all delivered to us onboard in Thailand”, they explain.

“I have to say your customer service, advice and accommodating of requests is unbelievable, it is quite a rare thing to find these days: such helpful and honest service!”, noted Ricki, from New Zealand. Ludovic Paul has similar praise: “I first wanted to let you know, how much I appreciate your professionalism and responsiveness, pretty rare these days. It is a pleasure doing business with you guys.”


To sum it up, these are the points that speak for Rolly Tasker Sails:

  • The overall very good reputation of the brand.

  • Affordable price. Best price to quality ratio.

  • Quality and Performance of the sails, often exceeding expectations.

  • Superb hand-crafted detailing.

  • Great service in all respects.