Ready-Made Spinnaker

Rolly Tasker Sails ready-made Spinnakers are available in 20 different sizes. The “ready-to-sail” production gives you top quality sails at a very competitive price, available for instant delivery.
The symmetric spinnaker is the classic downwind sail and is set on a spinnaker pole. It is best used for wind angles of 100 to 180 degrees. The handling of this sail requires some experience and a good crew. For the ambitious sailor, the classic spinnaker is one of the most rewarding sails.
The asymmetric spinnaker, also known as gennaker, is a good choice for easier handling and good power. This sail is especially versatile and perfect for those yacht-owners who only want to have one downwind sail on board. The asymmetric spinnaker is optimized for wind-angles of 80 to 160 degrees.

Top Quality

All our ready to use sails are top quality products in keeping with Rolly Tasker Sails high standards of sail design and manufacturing specifications. Spinnakers are made in the advanced full radial cut to our demanding offshore standard construction. This means high quality cloth, durable seams, overlapping leech tapes and strong corner patches with more than ample strengthening of high load areas such as head, tack or clews. The colour scheme is standardized in an attractive blue, white and red star design.

Perfected Design

The sail designers at Rolly Tasker Sails have created a modern, symmetric spinnaker in full radial cut. For maximum size in relation to leech lengths with a medium profile depth. The elliptical profile gives the sail high stability and makes trimming much easier.
The asymmetric spinnaker also has the advanced radial cut. The profile is of moderate depth to make the sail suitable for all reaching courses. The profile is deeper in the forward part of the sail, than flowing aft in a smooth curve. In this way, the sail can be used for close reaching, without heeling the yacht excessively.

Choose your Sail

All our ready-made spinnaker sails come in a wide range of sizes to suit most yachts from 20 to 65 feet length. Defining the correct size for your yacht is easy. We have a constantly updated database of sail plan measurements for most production-built yachts. You can also choose the sail easily yourself. For asymmetric spinnakers, you can quite simply measure the luff length on board yourself and choose the correct size out of below table.

Forestay length Sail Size Forestay length Sail Size Forestay length Sail Size
8.40 m – 9.00 m 0 12.70 m – 13.40 m 6 17.80 m – 18.70 m 12
9.10 m – 9.70 m 1 13.50 m – 14.20 m 7 18.80 m – 19.60 m 13
9.80 m – 10.40 m 2 14.30 m – 14.90 m 8 19.70 m – 20.60 m 14
10.50 m – 11.10 m 4 15.00 m – 15.80 m 9 20.70 m – 21.60 m 15
11.20 m – 11.80 m 5 15.90 m – 16.80 m 10 21.70 m – 22.60 m 16
11.90 m – 12.60 m 5 16.90 m – 17.70 m 11 22.70 m – 23.60 m 17

The calculation works for usual production boats and allows to use a spinnaker sock. Without using a sock, an asymmetric spinnaker can be up to five percent longer than forestay length, as this sail is set with a curved luff. If you want to use a top-down furler, the luff must be reduced accordingly.

For symmetric spinnakers the “J” and “I” lengths are needed. “J” is the length between the foot of the mast and the forestay attachment on deck and “I” is the height of the spinnaker halyard block above deck. The symmetric spinnaker leech should be about 95 – 100% of “I”. The Foot should be about 180% of “J”.

The Ready-Made Spinnaker at a glance

  • Ready to sail

  • Best possible quality to price ratio

  • Swift delivery world-wide

  • Sizes to fit most common production boats

  • Best performance and easy to handle

Our standard specification includes:

  • Produced in 20 sizes for most popular custom built boats

  • Full-Radial panel layout

  • 0.75oz or 1.5oz Spinnaker Cloth

  • Strong radial patches (Offshore range)

  • Head, Tack and Clew labelling

  • Colour-coded leech and foot tapes

  • Webbed on corner rings for easy attachment of sheets

  • Large drawstrong sail bags.

  • Blue, white, red star design

  • Immediate delivery

  • Reduced price

Other Useful Products

To make setting and recovery of non-furling downwind sails easier, you can always add a spinnaker sock. The sail can then be hoisted easily while still inside the sock. Then just pull on the sheets to unveil the sail. When taking the sail down, pull the sock over the sail with just one line. The sail can then be lowered to the deck and stowed away inside the sock, ready for the next set without having to re-pack the spinnaker.

Rolly Tasker Sails also offers all necessary sheets in standardized lengths. One end comes with an eye splice to attach soft shackles for the proper sheeting of all downwind sails. The other end comes with a whipping. Our spinnaker sheets are made in red and green colour. We recommend double braid polyester rope for spinnaker sheets on cruising boats as those are much more competitive priced than Dyneema and allow to compensate shock loads with stretch.

Our spinnakers are delivered with their standard sail bag. As option, you can upgrade to a spinnaker race bag for stowing the sail, but also for an easy set. Velcro strips hold the corners of the sail in place, while also making them instantly identifiable. This ensures a quick and proper hoist. A netting in the bag guarantees ventilation when the sail is stowed and not in use.