The sailmaker Rolly Tasker Sails is one of the worlds leading sailmakers for Offshore Cruising Sails. Each sail, whether for cruising or racing purposes, will be individually designed by our experienced designer in our state of the art sail loft in Phuket, Thailand. They are constructed to the highest level of durability and performance using sail cloth from leading suppliers such as Challenge and Contender sailcloth.

In addition to sailmaking Rolly Tasker Sails offers a full and comprehensive service for sailing yachts: from supplying running and standing rigging, mast and boom spars up to marine hardware products. Rolly Tasker Sails has continuously reviewed and developed the saildesign and production process,  and have successfully produced more than 2.2 million sails to an optimum of accuracy and efficiency.

Rolly Tasker Sails, the Sailmaker you can rely on ….

Our sails are designed and constructed in our state of the art sail loft in Phuket, Thailand. Each Rolly Tasker sail is designed individually by our experienced sail designer as per our customer’s specification. Our design department uses cutting edge 3D-modelling sail design software to construct all sails with optimum shape and performance. Following the sails are build by our skilled sailmaker with excellent handcraft in our cutting edge sail loft. For production we use only sailcloth from the leading cloth suppliers such as Challenge or Contender Sailcloth. The combination of high quality material, modern and efficient sailloft and highly skilled sailmaker is the key to provide high standard products to best possible price to quality ratio. Ask for a quote to convince yourself.



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Modern yachts tend to have short, non-overlapping or even self-tacking headsails. These are effective when sailing close-hauled upwind. However, when bearing off these small headsails become progressively less efficient. To maintain [...]

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New Generation of Performance and Club Race Sails

At Rolly Tasker Sails, we have strong core convictions, which have been passed on by our founder, the legendary racing and ocean yachtsman Rolly Tasker. And the very epicentre of these values is [...]

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