on Canary Island, Las Palmas

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Rolly Tasker Sails on Canary Islands, Las Palmas

The Canary Islands are one of the Globe’s key crossroads for world-voyaging bluewater sailors. This is especially true for the main harbour, Las Palmas on Gran Canaria. This has not only been the starting point for the ARC Atlantic Rallye for Cruisers since its inception in 1986. Due to its geographically strategic location on the doorstep of the Trade winds or en route North to Europe, there is a constant stream of bluewater cruising yachts passing through the Canaries throughout the year, and many do stay for some time due to the mild climate and interesting islands.

Sailmaking Business

One young sailing and voyaging family that decided to settle here for good are Giuseppe Della Volpe and his wife Kristina Damijanidis. In 2017 they opened up a sailmaking business here in Las Palmas Gran Canaria, after having crossed the Atlantic and cruising the Caribbean with their then new-born baby for three years. Before the Caribbean voyage, Giuseppe already had more than 20 years of experience as a professional yacht skipper, manly in the Mediterranean. “As a sailor I have always thought that the most important things in a boat are the condition of the hull, state and year of the engine, and of course the rigging and sails”, he says. With his vast practical experience, he founded Mdvsailmaker which mainly specialises in repairing sails, biminis, and sprayhoods before also becoming the Canary Island distributor for Rolly Tasker Sails.

Why Rolly Tasker Sails?

“A customer asked us for some services on his boat”, Giuseppe explains. “We found ourselves examining the Rolly Tasker Sails and we were very impressed by the finish and the quality. The customer also was very happy with his new sails.”

After this, Giuseppe and his team at Mdvsailmaker discussed what extra service they could provide to the customer, such as a professional service on site for assistance, measuring, assembling, and warranty. Consequently, Mdvsailmaker together with Rolly Tasker Sails have decided to make their experience available to sailors that come to Las Palmas at the start of their Atlantic passage to help these to enjoy their crossing and the subsequent seasons in the Caribbean without worries.

Full Professional Services

As an official Rolly Tasker Sails distributor, Mdvsailmaker in Las Palmas can offer a complete service with full professional advice on the choice of sails, the best materials from the type and weight of cloth down to details such as the type of sliders to use to facilitate maneuvers at sea, about the advantages of Luff Tape, and much more.

How to Choose Your Sails

The first question that has to be answered is: What will you actually be doing with your boat!? The answer is important to find the right sails and the best material for the intended use and sailing style. The team at Rolly Tasker Sails / Mdvsailmaker will come on board to measure the sails, discuss the client’s personal needs and to make sure that the sails chosen have the correct shapes and sizes. The team will also offer advice on material, the ideal weight, how many reefs, the Genoa cut, the Luff Tape, the luff rope and more. Then, the team will bring the new sails to the loft and assist in the assembly, ensuring a complete service.

Further Sailmaker Services

Among our services, for example, we can create your Lazy Bag and adapt it for your new sail. We also make Biminis or cockpit cushions. We can renew the interior of your boat, or replace the UV sun protection on your sails to help extend their life. We also do rigging and mast repairs. All services have a one-year warranty on the work carried out by us.

Delivery of New sails

For new sails, we can offer the best on the market at very competitive prices. In collaboration with Rolly Tasker Sails your new sails will be delivered in Las Palmas in 5 to 6 weeks. As a company of long standing on the island we can ensure a professional and smooth transit of goods through customs. This is another valuable service for all our customers. We work together with a specialised company that notifies us when the sails arrive at customs so that we can immediately arrange delivery to our loft, usually within 72 hours at the latest. This “fast lane” transit through custom is not available to individuals who order goods privately.