These nets were originally seen on large, ocean-going and record-breaking racing multis. For these they are made extremely light and open which gives extra security for ocean racing but which is not comfortable to lounge on. For the increasing multihull fleet of cruisers and charter boats, strong mesh webbing has been developed. This is lightweight and strong, but also comfortable and relaxing to lounge on. Plus it still offers only low resistance to spray and solid water which is also driven up by wave action between the hulls.


These are the main criteria when it comes to choosing the best material for a cruising multihull net. First of all, it must be highly UV resistant. Multihulls spend much of their life in tropical waters and trampolines are normally not covered or protected from the sun. A high UV-resistance will extend the life-span of the trampoline by many years. Then, the net must of course be strong and withstand mechanical abuse. The forward areas of webbing between the hulls can be very pleasant spaces for sunbathing.

In order to make best use of these nets, they should also be made as a wide and flat mesh so that they are comfortable to lounge on. Finally, they must also have a good ratio of openness for the reasons mentioned above while offshore or ocean sailing.


Serge Ferrari, a world leader in flexible composite material technology, provides expertise and products for the design of ever-innovative projects. These lightweight, durable and recyclable solutions meet the functional and aesthetic requirements of sectors as diverse as building, industry, furniture and yachting. For multihull nets and trampolines, we use a special, high quality PVC mesh net made by Serge Ferrari for highest UV resistance, strength and comfort.

The edges are caught abs strengthened in our proven Sunbrella material, which we typically use as UV coating and protection on the leech of furling sails. Sunbrella comes in a variety of colours. The edges of the multihull nets can either be finished with eyelets or with strong, flexible poles. This choice mainly depends on the type of multihull and the arrangements to attach the lashing line of the trampoline to the hulls.


All our multihull nets and trampolines are handmade. They are carefully crafted, with the surrounding edges glued and stitched. We have many templates for production multihulls such as Lagoon Catamarans available and more are added constantly.

We also offer a local installation service: We can come to your multihull and actually fit the trampolines for you. Please contact us for a special quote.