Rolly Tasker’s Asymmetric Race Spinnakers are designed for first class performance on modern fast cruisers and racing yachts.

Rolly Tasker’s Asymmetric Race Spinnakers have been developed by our professional team with a background in cutting edge sail design, using performance optimised software. They are constructed to the highest level of quality. Our Asymmetric Spinnakers are available in 6 different wind range models for the best performance on every course.

Options include:

Code Zero

A close reaching sail built for 5 to 15kts TWS, and a mid girth of > 75% of the foot length. Designed for use in the 50-80 AWA range. Built from purpose designed laminate sail cloth, and includes a luff torsion rope

A0 – Tight Reacher

A light air reaching sail, similar to the Code zero, with more luff round, large mid girth and a more stable roach profile. Designed to sail a little deeper than the CodeZero, with an AWA range of 60-95deg.

A3 – Medium Air Reacher

The general purpose reaching sail, design for light to medium air conditions (5-15kts TWS). Can be sailed quite tight in lighter winds, and with the longer luff will project to windward in stronger winds, for deeper angles. Over a range of 75-125deg AWA.

A5 – Heavy Air Reacher

A heavy air reaching sail (15-25kts TWS), allows reaching (85-135deg AWA) in stronger winds, smaller and flatter than the A3. Designed for a fractional halyard where possible, and potentially tacked from the bow rather than pole end.

A2 – Medium Air Runner

The general purpose running sail for asymmetric boats. Design for light to medium air conditions (5 – 15kts TWS). Generally used for sailing deeper angles, 115-165 AWA. A stable shape, that will fly well to weather of the forestay, and away from the mainsail.

A4 – Heavy Air Runner

Built from heavier spinnaker cloth than the A2, this heavy air running sail is targetted at the 10-25kts TWS range and will fly at very deep angles, 120-165° AWA. A higher clew, flatter cut, less roach and reduced area will result in a more forgiving asymmetric.