Cruising Laminate CDX Pro by Contender Sailcloth

Sophisticated sails for offshore sailing and club racing yachts of up to 50 feet are made of this cruising laminate. One step up from traditional Dacron sails but just as easily handled. And these sails will hold their shape much longer, making them the choice for demanding cruising sailors.

Perfect for performance and offshore cruising

At Rolly Tasker Sails, we have to date used more than 40.000 square metres of this advanced cruising laminate. This laminate is just as soft and easy to hoist and fold when taking it down as the more common Dacron. The difference lies in the way the sail will hold its profile as well as in the enhanced performance of your yacht.

Extended life-span

This polyester cruising laminate is engineered by the cloth manufacturer Contender Sailcloth for durability and cruising performance. This incorporates an advanced adhesive for extended UV resistance and a robust additive for extra protection against mildew. Both of these properties ensure a trouble-free and uncomplicated day-to-day use of these sails as well as positively extending their life span. Combined with the enhanced performance given through the stability of shape, this is the perfect sail solution for the serious yacht owner.

Tri-radial cut

The laminate is designed in a range of weights and strengths according to boat size up to 50 feet. These fabrics are optimized for each sail in terms of strength to weight to improve performance also in light winds as well as facilitate easy handling. This is further enhanced by the tri-radial with the sophisticated “step down” sail design, which uses heavier fabric weights in the high load areas such as the leech and keeping the sail lighter in low load areas.

Advanced construction

The CDX Pro range of fabrics is designed around a variety of sub-assemblies with different weights of taffetas and a 500 denier polyester cross-ply. A polyester insertion is added to these assemblies to create a complementary range of modern sail laminates increasing in weight and strength.

Sails made from CDX Pro Laminate can be delivered either in cool grey or traditional white.


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Our standard specification includes:

  • Individual sail design

  • Polyester Cruising Laminate CDX Pro by Contender Sailcloth, white or cool grey

  • Seams triple stitch with UV stabilised thread
  • Stainless steel rings reinforced with webbing

  • Strong radial patches

  • Strong batten pockets with velcro lock or tie in type

  • Mainsails are constructed with alloy headboards

  • luff hardware is shackled on

  • webbed on luff hardware
  • Low stretch leech line with clam cleat
  • Two draft stripes for visual reference of sail shape

  • Full rows of tell-tales

  • XL sail bag including sail tie, long bags as option

CDX PRO Laminat Sails