Modern yachts tend to have short, non-overlapping or even self-tacking headsails. These are effective when sailing close-hauled upwind. However, when bearing off these small headsails become progressively less efficient. To maintain speed, fun and competitiveness, special sails for all headings more off the wind are needed.

The sail developers at Rolly Tasker Sails have now created the versatile reaching sail for everyone. The Code C is a mix out of Code 0 and asymmetrical spinnaker that replaces other light wind cruising sails. It can be set in wind-angles from 65 through to 135 degrees. And further, if using a spinnaker pole it can even be used up to 180 degrees. Which means a big range, from a close reach to running straight downwind. This is not unlike a poled-out Genoa, but with much more power.

The name Code C stands for cruising because this sail is so easy to handle. It is set flying with its own furler. Just hoist the rolled-up sail, then unfurl whenever ready and off you go! The easy way to gybe this sail is to furl it, gybe the boat and unfurl on the new tack. In effect, this new sail is as easy to use as a genoa

The integrated, anti-twist luff-rope made from pre-stressed, large diameter Dyneema rope and the straight luff ensure that the sail is always furled evenly. In this way, the sail can be furled with less effort and less wear and tear, extending its life-span considerably.

The new Code C sail is made from spinnaker nylon in different weights according to size. It is made “prêt-à-porter”, ready to use in 14 different sizes from 32 to 150 square metres. These sails are fabricated at our loft in low season with a uniform colour scheme, which makes it possible to offer them at a sensational price. Because of this, the overall package of sail and furler will probably not stretch the budget further than the normal cost of a new sail. This is what we at Rolly Tasker Sails offer: Exceptional value for money.

This new Code C sail will be demonstrated to the public at the upcoming Düsseldorf Boat Show in January.