Klaus Hohberg and Dr. Tilly Eichler from Germany are sailing around the world on their beautiful Jongert Ketch “Lapita”.

Klaus started his circumnavigation in the Mediterranean Sea with changing crew. After crossing the Atlantic, he met Tilly at the stunning San Blas Islands in 2016. She was crewing on another yacht, looking for a passage across the South Pacific Ocean. Ever since, the two have been sailing together, visiting wonderful island paradises along their way.


The first time they have visited the Rolly Tasker sail loft in Phuket was 2019. They needed to have their Parasailor repaired, which has been torn somewhere between Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. All the way to Phuket they were not able to find a sailmaker who was capable of handling and repairing this huge 280m² sail.

Several other cruisers had highly recommended Rolly Tasker Sails in Phuket, Thailand. Nonetheless, Tilly and Klaus were in for a surprise when they finally arrived: “A taxi took us to Rolly Tasker Sails but when it dropped us off in front of the building, we thought that it must be a mistake. The sheer size bore no resemblance to any other sail loft we had seen before. We opened the entrance door and were amazed! A 10,000 m² large, pleasantly air-conditioned, spotlessly clean hall in which people were busy at work. We had not expected anything like this. Curious, we took a look at everything and what we saw was simply unique. Sailing fabrics in lots of different qualities, sizes and colors. Accessories for making sails in every conceivable variation and design. Huge special sewing machines with which even the largest sails for super yachts can be made. The sails are designed with a 3D computer and the cloth is cut with laser technology to the millimeter. More than 120 sailmakers make sails for yachts all over the world and it is amazing to see the professionalism here.”

After their Parasailor had been perfectly repaired they were certain: their next sails will be made by Rolly Tasker Sails in Phuket.

So, they agreed with Sven Cornelius, the German CEO, to return to Phuket in the beginning of 2020 to get a new set of sails. However, as the Covid outbreak had interrupted all travel plans, they were stuck at the Island of Langkawi for two years. When it was finally possible to travel again in 2022, they set off for Phuket. On the way, the old sails tore – they couldn’t wait to get their new ones!


What were Tilly and Klaus looking for in their new sails? Durability and good shape holding in the intense tropical climate was one important consideration. But then came a small surprise: “We also need sails that perform well in medium and light wind conditions”, explains Klaus. “On a circumnavigation along the famous “coconut milk route” you get stuck in light winds more often than you think”. Of course, the sails also need to be able to stand up to strong winds and harsh conditions.


While in Phuket, all four sails on the Jongert ketch were made new by Rolly Tasker Sails. Main, mizzen, genoa and staysail. “The design of the sails is much better than that of our previous ones, especially the main. Even in very light winds these sails still look good and pull the boat along. The fabric, Fibercon Pro-Hybrid from Contender Sailcloth, seems to be very good, the detailing on the sails looks great. Ask us again in a few years, when we have made some longer ocean passages with these sails!”

See the new sails in action at the West Coast of Phuket:

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Klaus happily admits that they have chosen the best possible product, heavy duty ocean sails made from Fibercon Pro-Hybrid fabric. “It was not the cheapest, but still less expensive than the quote we got from a German sailmaker. Plus, we really expect that we can use these sails for much longer than our previous ones made in Germany. If that will be the case, then the value for money would be really outstanding!”

To follow the voyage, click www.lapita.travel.blog