Our Storm Sails are constructed to the highest offshore specification throughout.

Rolly Tasker makes storm sails to standard sizes. They are rugged and strongly finished to ensure they are capable of handling storm conditions reliably. The sailcloth used is heavy duty dacron constructed with over sized and heavy corner patches with webbing and hand sewn leather re-inforcement: the seams are triple stitched and leech lines are installed. They are made in plain white with highly visible orange balls both sides of the sail, or all orange. Many race organizations insist on all orange storm sails now.

Storm jibs have the option of brass hanks on the luff, or a luff tape if feeding into a furling unit. Trysails can be equipped with luff slides, or left with eyelets for parrel beads to be installed.

Our standard specification includes:

Top end Premium US Dacron
Strong cross-cut construction
Stainless steel cringles
Large corner reinforcing
UV stabilized thread throughout
Super strong finish with hand worked leather detailing

storm jib

storm trysail

Storm Jib
Storm Jib Head
Storm Jib Reinforcement
Storm Jib Tack
Storm Sail
Storm Sails Beneteau
Storm Trysail