This video shows the best sail inventory for ocean voyaging and also is a practical review of Rolly Tasker Sails. British liveaboard couple Amy and Matt have already sailed half way around the world in their Oyster 37 “Florence”. Currently in Asia, they have tried out the completely new suit of sails they have recently received from Rolly Tasker Sails in Phuket.

“This feels like Christmas”, they said after taking their new sails on board. And they have every reason to be excited and pleased. After all, the sails of a yacht are the most important aspect, the one factor that drives the boat. In other words, the “main engine”. However, new sails not only boost performance, but also enhance safety. These new Rolly Tasker Sails are no nonsense cruising sails made to our demanding Ocean specification, designed in cross cut and made from strong and heavy cloth for durability and dependability. In all weather and on all oceans.

The mainsail

The mainsail has a twin ply leech from clew to head, our strongest bluewater cruising construction. It has three reefing points and can safely be used even in heavy weather. As their previous sail was already fully battened with the mast track and sliders set up for this system, Amy and Matt have chosen to remain with this system, for ease of handling in combination with lazy-jacks and a permanent, zipped sail-bag on the boom. The new mainsail also has a loose foot which makes it much easier to trim the outhaul.

The staysail

The staysail, for Amy and Matt, is a totally new sail of a type they previously did not have. But it is an important addition, as the two cruising sailors soon acknowledged. This sail is set on an inner forestay that can either be permanently rigged as in a cutter rig, or, as in their case, removable. On “Florence”, the stay is made fast to a secure bolt-eye in deck and tensioned with a manual lever. The staysail is then hanked on to the stay but could alternatively also be set on a roller furling gear. The staysail increases the upwind performance in normal conditions and the boat handling in stronger winds. It sets far better than a partially reefed Genoa and helps to optimise the sail-plan, moving the pressure more towards the centre of the boat as the wind increases. Because the Genoa is now completely furled in stronger winds, it also prolongs the life span of the Genoa. Note the hand-made, leather strong point at the head of the sail and the orange colour cloth in the top part to increase the chances of being seen in heavy weather.

The Genoa

The new Genoa probably was the biggest surprise for Amy and Matt. While they thought that their old Genoa was still in reasonably good shape, the new Genoa impressively demonstrated just how much a new sail can improve the boat’s performance. Their yacht now points higher and sails faster. Together with your mainsail, the Genoa is your normal day-to-day “workhorse” and main propulsion under sail.

The asymmetrical spinnaker

Another pleasant surprise for our cruising couple. Until now they sailed with a traditional, symmetric spinnaker. “The difference is phenomenal”, says a delighted Matt. Handling the asymmetrical sail, with the tack fastened at the bow, is so much easier for the double-handed crew. Even better, the sail is more versatile in wind angles and makes the boat go even faster. Finally, safe handling is maximised by a “spinnaker sock” for hassle-free hoisting and easy retrieving of the sail.

Spinnaker Bluewater Cruising Yachts

Other canvas work

While in Phuket, Amy and Matt also had their sprayhood checked, some worn seams re-stitched and generally made stronger by Rolly Tasker Sails. A sprayhood, out in the ocean, needs to be firm and solid. In bad weather, it can be hit by solid water and must be able to stand up to that.

Jon Sanders, multiple round-the-world yachtsman, also relies on Rolly Tasker Sails

Follow Amy and Matt on their forthcoming and ongoing adventures and their experiences, also of course with their new sails.